Levels of Certification

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A Certified Contractor

This is the highest level of classification identifying a contractor or company that has chosen to commit fully to a certified cleaning for health program. If an audit is requested, at least one person in the supervisory role has written a lengthy and in-depth test, showing they fully understand the Certified Cleaning Program.

Only Certified Contractors can clean certified locations and bid on national and regional accounts with a "Certified Program" in place.

A Certified Site

This is a site that has employed a comprehensive 'green' building program meant to provide improved health and safety, reduce liability issues, increase productivity and improve indoor air quality in every building that adopts its tenets. A certified program will offer single-location, multi-location and national accounts the ability to ensure that all of their building are cleaned to the same specifications. Cleaning practices and building management are refocused so that the BSC/in-house staff clean primarily for health and environmental benefits. A request for a Franken LeDrew Audit could be initiated by a Building Owner/Manager, a Facility Operator or the head office of a national retail chain. The final results will determine the buildings certification level using FLCs ranking system - Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Based on the results of a passing audit, a site certificate valid for three years will be issued.

Some examples of these are:

A Certified Site is classified by four levels of certification: